Sight Seeing

HOTEL GREENPARK is eager to serve you with various types of services to fulfill your need. We posses the hamper of various services and facilities for you that will make you enjoy the nature and forest. WE ARE READY TO SERVE YOU FOR THE FOLLOWING:

Sasan Gir(4KM)

The only home of the endangered mighty Asiatic Lion, Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular attractions of Gujarat. In 1965, Gir forest was titled as wildlife sanctuary and in 1975 it was declared as a National Park. Spread in a huge area of 1412 square km, the national park houses around 38 species of mammals, 300 avifauna species, 37 species of reptiles and over 2000 insect species. Enjoy jeep safari and bird watching at Sasan Gir.

Devaliya Safari Park(8KM)

Earlier lion shows used to be aranged for the benefits of tourists visting Gir. However, this practice was found to be cumbersome and deleterious for the lions and staff. Therefore, no lion shows are arranged now. At present, Gir Sanctury and National Park is not divided into various zones and there is no definite tourism zone. However, to reduce disturbance from tourism in the main sanctuary and National Park area and to facilitate understanding of tourists about Gir and its wildlife, an Interpretation Zone has been created at Devalia. The Interpretative Zone comprises of 412 ha. of chainlink fenced lion area which is Gir in a nutshell covering all habitat types and wildlife of Gir. 

Somnath Temple(45KM)

Somnath Temple is a significant temple, comprising one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. Located in Prabhas Kshetra near Veraval, Somnath Mandir falls in Saurashtra region that lies on the western coast of Gujarat. The temple of Somnath can be easily reached from anywhere in Gujarat. Bus services to Somnath are available from all the cities and towns of Gujarat. To ensure a comfortable journey, one can also opt for taxis that can be hired throughout the state of Gujarat.


Junagadh is located at the foothills of Girnar hill in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. It was the capital of the erstwhile Junagadh State under the Muslim rulers of Babi Nawabs. It is a historic city and its name means an ancient fort in Gujarat. Junagarh is a flourishing tourism destination in India, owing to the fact that it was ruled by many dynasties, which have enriched its cultural and historical heritage immensely. The profound influence of varied kingdoms is even visible in the architectural style of its monuments.


In the heart of the jungle, 50 km from Sasan Gir, there is a shrine to Kankai Mata, the benefactor of the shepherds of Gir forest. A supremely wild place, here you can hear lions roar at night and animals gathering at the nearby lake. There is a bus from Junagadh every morning that leaves at 8am, stays one hour at the temple, and departs on the return journey at 9:45am. But to really experience the place, go with private transport and stay the night. The high temple walls ensure your safety, and once night falls, you can watch the stars through the jungle treetops, hear lions roaming outside and experience a night in the true wilderness.

Diu Beach(100KM)

Diu Beach, 100 Km from Resort, finest beaches in India, attracting tourists from all over the world. The island of Diu Gujarat lies across Ahmedpur-Mandvi. Diu beach in Gujarat is a sensuous blend of sun, sand and sea. Diu is a real pleasant spot with soft sands, wondrous waters, swaying coconut canopies, captivating churches and fantastic forts. It is the fusion of the nature and history that comes across at Diu in Gujarat.