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Welcome Hotel Green Park
Hotel Green Park is situated in the entrance of the Gir National Park – The last place of Asiatic Lions, in the world. This is the best hotel cum restaurant in the area, for staying and dinning, abutting Gir National Park and touching Junagarh – Somnath State Highway.
Gir National Park is one of the best National Parks, in India, which hosts variety of flora and founa. Gir is also home to one of the largest leopard population, in any part of India, making it an excellent place to see big cats, of different kind. Other wild life is to look out, four horned antelopes, only four horn angulat in the world, Indian Gazel (Chinkara), spotted deer (chital), blue bull (Nil gai), wild boar, wolf hyena, jackal, civet, jungle cat, heir and other mammals found in the forest.